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John Augustine Zahm was among the few authors who openly criticized the dogmatic tendencies of both science and the Church in their drive to remain set in their ways. Zahm promoted increased openness towards change throughout his career, through works such as Evolution and Dogma, written in 1896, and the Catholic Science and Catholic Scientists magazine.In his attempt of bridging science and religion, however, Zahm made enemies on both sides. Openly dismissing Darwin’s theory of evolution and having his most important works banned by the Vatican, he soon found himself compelled to work under a pseudonym (H. J. Mozans), afraid that the Church might seek to discredit his future works. It was in these times when Zahm wrote Great Inspirers and Woman in Science – two revolutionary books that sought to defy the accepted beliefs that women were physically and intellectually impaired, or even divinely appointed to stay away from any scientific disciplines.Woman in Science focuses on outlining a brief history of science, then listing the various disciplines where women throughout history have excelled, despite being held back by dogmatic religions,family ties or social stigma. We are acquainted with Hypatia, daughter of famed mathematician Theon of Alexandria and worthy teacher, philosopher and mathematician in her own right. We also find out about Caroline Herschel, the illustrious astronomer who began her work helping her brother William, then went on to discover several comets, as well as becoming the first woman to be appointed in an official position by the English government.

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