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More Tish



It is doubtful if Aggie and I would have known anything about Tish’s plan had Aggie not seen the advertisement in the newspaper. She came to my house at once in violent excitement and with her bonnet over her ear, and gave me the newspaper clipping to read. It said: “Wanted: A small donkey. Must be gentle, female, and if possible answer to the name of Modestine. Address X 27, Morning News.” “Well,” I said when I had read it, “did you insert the advertisement or do you propose to answer it?” Aggie was preparing to take a drink of water, but, the water being cold and the weather warm, she was dabbing a little on her wrists first to avoid colic. She looked up at me in surprise. “Do you mean to say, Lizzie,” she demanded, “that you don’t recognize that advertisement?” “Modestine?” I reflected. “I’ve heard the name before somewhere. Didn’t Tish have a cook once named Modestine?” But it seemed that that was not it. Aggie sat down opposite me and took off her bonnet. Although it was only the first of May, the weather, as I have said, was very warm. “To think,” she said heavily, “that all the time while I was reading it aloud to her when she was laid up with neuralgia she was scheming and planning and never saying a word to me! Not that I would have gone; but I could have sent her mail to her, and at least have notified the authorities if she had disappeared.” “Reading what aloud to her-her mail?” I asked sharply. “‘Travels with a Donkey,'” Aggie replied. “Stevenson’s ‘Travels with a Donkey.’ It isn’t safe to read anything aloud to Tish any more. The older she gets the worse she is. She thinks that what any one else has done she can go and do. If she should read a book on poultry-farming she would think she could teach a young hen to lay an egg.”

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