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Third in the popular Solar Queen series written by Andre Norton, the story of the Voodoo Planet blends science fiction with the mystical and occult. Set on a remote planet settled by African refugees from the times of the ancient Terran race wars, it features Dane Thorson, as well as other well-known characters of the series – including Tau and Captain Jellico, the ship’s medic – as they embark on an adventure leading them to battle a powerful sorcerer.The story is aptly named due to its involvement of actual magic, some considering it to be leading more on fantasy, rather than sci-fi, because of this important detail. Circumstances have Dane Thorson and the rest of the Solar Queen’s crew to be invited to Khatka, the strange “Voodoo” planet. Here, they are subjected to mental challenges that they can only overcome using their own intelligence and logic.Voodoo Planet is a classic tale of the rational mind vs. magic, having its heroes locked in circumstances that put them to the test, while subjected to Andre Norton’s detailed, exciting and highly refined plot artifices. Through unexpected developments and surprising twists, we are led by the author through a veritable roller coaster of challenges that the characters are barely able to overcome.Mysterious, dynamic and not without a good dose of suspense, Voodoo Planet is inspired from Andre Norton’s own fascination with the supernatural. Her take on voodoo and sorcery is quite believable and tastefully performed, to say the least.Readers will be delighted to find that, despite its focus on magic, the story’s science fiction “quality” is neither lost nor put on the back burner.

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