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Tom Swift and the Visitor from Planet X


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The Visitor from Planet X is one of the best and most popular stories published by the Stratemeyer Syndicate under the pen name Victor Appleton in the Tom Swift series. The character of Tom Swift, the young engineering genius was invented by Edward Stratemeyer, but all the others were written by ghost writers, this one being allegedly produced by James Duncan Lawrence.The seventeenth novel in the incredibly successful Tom Swift series starts with Tom and his partners at Swift Enterprises waiting for a visitor from planet X called Exman by Tom to materialize in the form of energy in front of them. Strange things start happening – the Earth is devastated by earthquakes and evil forces are trying to capture Exman in order to use him for their evil goals. Of course, Tom Swift gets down to work right away and soon he comes up with two wonderful inventions that can save the world from the earthquakes and can also contain their enormous energy. Swift finally manages to outwit the evil forces and saves the planet, but not before he goes through the most incredible adventures and proves his talent and worth.The Visitor from Planet X is an extraordinary novel on many levels. The action is quick-paced and keeps the reader’s attention engaged all the way, but the narrative is not the only great feature. Characterization is also at its best and not only when it comes to the young inventor and scientist, but also to the other characters. Tom is not alone in his efforts to save the world – he is helped by some of the recurrent characters in Tom Swift novels such as Tom’s sweetheart, Phyllis Newton, his best friend, Bud Barclay and his family, too, so what the reader gets is not only an adventure story, but also a lesson about team work.

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