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The Amazing Adventures of Letitia Carberry


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Strictly speaking, this is Tish’s story, but Tish IS unable to write it, being laid up, as you probably know from the newspa- pers.

But we all three felt that a record of the affair ought to be kept while it was fresh in our minds, although goodness knows we’re not likely to forget any of it.

A good many people wondered, when the story came out, how Tish had come to be mixed up with it at all, but as Tish herself says, it was very simple.

The people at the hospital had become de moralized, and some firm hand had to take hold. Besides, Tish was a member of the Ladies’ Committee, and felt responsible.

Tish says the first thing she knew about it was a piercing scream, just outside her room, I This was followed by a number of short, sharp cries, feminine, and steps running past her bed- room door.

Now, as Tish also remarks with truth, one hears a variety of strange sounds in a hospital at night, and at first she thought it was the woman across the hall, who had had her appendix removed that afternoon, and who had been very unpleasant as a neighbor all evening.

But when the noise kept up, and only died away to be followed by somebody crying hysterically down the hall, Tish was roused. She sat. up in bed and threw her small traveling clock at Miss Lewis. (Miss Lewis was Tish’s nurse, a splendid woman, but a heavy sleeper.

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