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Fans of darker children’s literature or of Algernon Blackwood’s outstanding descriptions of nature and events through his unmistakable writing style are going to love this lengthy, but well-written story about a boy lost between life and death. Jimbo follows the interesting tale of a young boy who suffers a serious accident, and is transported into the astral world between worlds, where he experiences a frightful out of body experience that forces him to literally fight for his life against the personification of his own fear. The concept was extremely original at the time, only recently having been explored through movies such as Insidious or The Dust Factory. Jimbo offers many unsettling moments that most younger readers, as well as those who are not accustomed to darker, psychological horror stories written for children, may find more difficult to digest. Nevertheless, this is one of Blackwood’s novels that have managed to captivate an impressive number of readers merely through the impressive, beautiful way in which it was written. The book will leave you spellbound through its incredibly rich and insightful descriptions and entrancing portrayals of natural landscapes and the backgrounds of the story’s main plot. Blackwood’s fans will be delighted by these small (and not so small) gems of literary expression that are like the icing on the cake when it comes to the reading experience they offer. The psychological aspects of the novel are also worth mentioning. This is one book that will not fail to impress when it comes to the depth of the concepts it follows and explores. It will guide you through a world we are seldom able to see, save for dreams and in the case of those who have recently departed. Blackwood’s portrayal of this world and the depiction of the response that a young boy might have to it are worth every moment spent reading this remarkable work.

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