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Whether we love it or hate it, grammar is an integral part of our life, and it’s important for every child to learn about the laws of grammar and speech. Unfortunately, the process is tedious and dull in most cases, so it’s quite understandable when children find it difficult to even focus on the rules of punctuation and proper spelling.M.L. Nesbitt came up with an ingenious way to tackle this issue back in the 1870s. Her book, Grammar-Land is an exciting and delightful story for children that depicts the laws of grammar and speech through creative allegory and pictorial illustration. The story itself is quite droll and suitable for young children, while the characters sound and feel genuine, featuring friendly, believable personalities.Grammar-Land begins as the parts of speech argue about their importance. Which of them should come first? It is up to Judge Grammar to listen to what each of the nine parts has to say, and judge them accordingly. With memorable examples and a story that will captivate your child’s mind, the book approaches the teaching of grammar in a new and remarkably inventive way. You’ll even find yourself re-reading Nesbitt’s delightful passages yourself, following the plea of memorable characters such as Little Article, Dr. Verb and Mr. Adjective.Nesbitt’s exceptional style and skill in reaching out to children of all ages through her stories is quite timeless, and continues to live on through her works. Grammar-Land is a perfect example of her ability to creatively capture children’s attention, and trigger their own cognitive and creative skills through funny stories and eye-catching themes.This story is ideal for any parent who wants their child to excel at understanding grammar from the very start. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have some good old-fashioned fun in the process, together with your little ones.

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