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Five Little Peppers Grown Up


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Five Little Peppers Grown Up follows the wonderful adventures of Ben, Polly, Joel, David, and Phronsie Pepper. Along with the Kings, the Whitneys, and other chums, the Peppers understand and experience about their lives and fondness as they become more mature young ladies and young men. Five Little Peppers Grown Up consists of these chapters: Polly Gives Music Lessons; Getting Ready for Christmas; Christmas at Dunraven; The Festivities; Bad News; Of Many Things; Phronsie; Polly Looks Out for Charlotte; Polly’s Recital; Phronsie has a Plan; Things are Getting Mixed; Polly Tries to Do What is Right; The Accident; Joel; The Farmhouse Hospital; On the Borderland; Jasper; Mr. King Attends to Matters; Mother Fisher and Charlotte; Straightening Out Affairs; Polly Tries to Help Jasper; Mr. King and Polly; That Settles Many Things; and Home! Margaret Sidney was the fictitious name of US author Harriett Mulford Stone Lothrop. Aside from her famous tales for little kids, she manages her husband Daniel Lothrop’s publishing house after de died. Then they purchased The Wayside country house, they labored well to form it an institution of literary career. She also wrote: So as by Fire; Half Year at Bronckton; The Pettibone Name, a novel of New England life; What the Seven Did; Who Told it to Me; Ballad of the Lost Hare; The Golden West; How they Went to Europe; Hester, and other New England Stories; The Minute-Man; Two Modern Little Princes; Dilly and the Captain; St. George and the Dragon; The Judges’ Cave; Being a Romance of the New Haven Colony in the Days of the Regicides, 1661; A Little Maid of Concord Town, on a patriotic theme; A Little Maid of Boston Town, also on a patriotic theme; and some other interesting stories.

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