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The Right of Way


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A very interesting and romantic piece, a book where many positive adjectives would be put into as descriptions. One of Gilbert Parker’s flawlessly written works, everyone would love to have. A highly honorable Canadian author and an English politician, Sir Gilbert Parker, 1st Baronet, whose full name is Horatio Gilbert George Parker. Popular for writing romantic fiction, in which one of those is the intriguing, The Right of Way.

The romantic story is about Charley Steele and his life as a successful and intelligent Canadian attorney. He has an annoying and irritable wife named Kathleen, who has a sluggish and mischievous brother, whose name is Billy. Charley, as described to be very successful, feels like his life is so barren, may be because of his stinging wife and rash brother-in-law. He out pours all his deepest sentiments by frequently drinking too much alcohol. He is also skeptic of all his frustrations and disappointments in his life.

Charley finds out that Billy has stolen his money and resolved the issue immediately with him, setting things right again. Then Charley went to the waterfront pub to drink again, he goes there every time, sadly, he ended up being physically wrangled where he became so beaten up. When he woke up, Charley loses all of his memory, he could not remember a single thing about his life. His wife was devastated and could not believe it happened to his husband.

In the Canadian Northwoods went Charley wandering where he meets Rosalie, a very beautiful postmistress, he fell in love with her, no questions asked. Rosalie loved him back. Charley felt happy with his loving partner and with his life. But his memory came back, he remembered his past life, his frantic wife and his dawdle brother-in-law. Now, he is confused on whether he will return to his wife or stay with his lovely and kind mistress where this new life made him happier.
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