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I Say No


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I Say No starts off slow as a novel somewhat characteristic to Wilkie Collins’ style, but also extremely unique in its entertaining, attention-grabbing presentation and style. Even the name “I Say No” itself is based on intricate, fascinating developments that only fully unfold before the reader at the end of the novel.

Collins has written no less than 27 novels and a total of more than 50 short stories. An accomplished precursor to detective and suspense fiction, he is also still remembered as one of the most fervent supporters of women and people dealing with common domestic issues due to the then more restrictive laws and mores of society.

The book itself features a plot revolving around Emily Brown, a young, beautiful and popular girl living in a boarding school. Although Emily believed that her father had died due to heart problems, new evidence arose that indicated he was actually the victim of a terrible murder. The story continues by exploring Emily’s venture into the death of her father, and her attempt at solving the mystery. With clues scattered throughout the novel and a puzzle that baffled readers throughout the past century, this book promises to be more than just a little challenging, even for the most passionate and intelligent readers of detective fiction.

As in the case of most of Collins’ works, I Say No introduces us to a number of interesting plot twists and mystery-related themes that are able to grab your attention from start to finish. The book only reveals its essence gradually, and practically forces the reader to sit through its gradual developments with a sensation of extreme suspense and thrilling expectation.

Thrilling, puzzling and at times endearing, I Say No is one of the Wilkie Collins novels with an outcome that is extremely difficult to predict. You will find it more than satisfying, if you’re up to the challenge of exploring the intriguing facets of this enchanting mystery novel.
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