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The locals of the Netherlands were fearful under the vicious colony of Spain. Although some people want to be uncontrolled of Spanish domination, attempts at revolt are declining, and no other nations would save them. Edward “Ned” Martin, son of a British captain and a Dutch lass, is pushed into the divergence when he agrees to aid his mother’s populace and seek redress for his relatives who were brutally killed. Enlisting the service of the revolutionary leader William the Silent, Prince of Orange, Ned is tasked upon to do risky stealthy missions in a subjugated territory. Past the small margin fleets, intense sea battles, frightening blockades, and bold rescues, Ned was an onlooker to the rousing and tragic occurrences of the ascent of the Dutch republic.

George Alfred Henty was a creative author and war correspondent. He is most popular for his old adventure fiction that were renowned in the later years of the 19th century. Some of his books are The Dragon & The Raven, For The Temple, Under Drake’s Flag and In Freedom’s Cause.

G. A. Henty was born in Trumpington, near Cambridge. He had poor health as a child who had to spend most of the time in bed. Although he was often sick, he was an eager reader and had a vast variety of hobbies which he brought into as a grownup man. He studied at Westminster School, London, and then Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, where he was enthusiastically into sports.

G. A. Henty’s viable fame inspired other authors to write youthful adventure fiction in his way of writing; “Herbert Strang”, Henry Everett McNeil, Percy F. Westerman and Captain Frederick Sadleir Brereton all made stories in “the Henty tradition”, frequently integrating later modern topics including air travel and World War I warfare. In 1930s, though, significance in Henty’s writings was decreasing in Britain, and thus some juvenile’s authors there pored over to his books as an example.
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