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The Teeth of the Tiger


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Considered to be one of the most well-written and interesting of Maurice Leblanc's Arsene Lupin mystery novels, The Teeth of the Tiger is a fast-paced adventure that readers have seldom been able to put down before the end, even decades after the well-known French author had penned it. If you are already familiar with Arsene Lupin, the well-mannered gentleman thief that became a legend throughout Leblanc's detailed account of his many intriguing adventures, you already know where this story is likely to go. In the center of the spotlight, as always, Lupin manages to solve some challenging mysteries that arise after the death of his friend, and is able to stay, as usual, at the top of his game when it comes to deduction and intelligence. In this case, however, there are many more obstacles than in earlier Lupin mystery novels, and the cunning French gentleman thief finds himself almost overcome by the somewhat darker turn of events that finds many of the heirs to an inheritance that is key to the plot of the story itself, turning up dead one by one. Will Lupin be able to solve these mysteries, while avoiding the attention of lawbreakers and the authorities alike? The answer is in the book, and you may be surprised at the path the story will take you on, as you get closer to it. Although the later series of Lupin tales are not without a darker tone about them, this one included, Leblanc still portrays the story in an exciting, intelligent and highly suspenseful manner, his focus on providing entertaining plot twists and unexpected storyline developments leading many readers to continue following them at the edge of their seats, from start to finish. Whether you are already familiar with Lupin's earlier adventures, or this is the first Maurice Leblanc book you found yourself holding in your hand, it is still an excellent read that anyone interested in a good murder mystery will be able to enjoy.

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