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Dream Days is a set of stories for children and memories of youth created by Kenneth Grahame. A continuation to Kenneth Grahame’s 1895 selection The Golden Age – a few of its collections star the alike family of five kids, Dream Days was first printed in 1898 under the stamp John Lane: The Bodley Head. – The first six collections in the text had been formerly printed in magazine of those times such as in the Yellow Book, the New Review, and in Scribner’s Magazine in the United States. The collection is mostly known for its addition of Kenneth’s memorable tale, The Reluctant Dragon.

Same with its first book, Dream Days got high praise from the literary reviewers of those times. Ten years have passed and the volume has possibly experienced a repute as a finer and wispier follow-up to The Golden Age, apart from its one popular tale. In a latest inference, both volumes “paint a convincingly unsentimental picture of childhood, with the adults in these sketches totally out of touch with the real concerns of the young people around them, including their griefs and rages.” Its interest is mainly with the terrains of a mind’s eye, varying between a reconnoiter of men of isolation, a tragic opening of a lady to the storyteller’s secret palace in the heavens, bravery on the open seas, and, certainly, a happenstance with a dragon. Its closing poignant tale proposes a hesitant parting to the fantasies of youth.

Dream Days consists of: The Twenty-First of October; Dies Irae; Mutabile Semper; The Magic Ring; Its Walls were as of Jasper; A Saga of the Seas; The Reluctant Dragon; and A Departure.

Kenneth Grahame was a Scottish novelist, renowned for The Wind in the Willows, a classic of tales for the young. He also penned The Reluctant Dragon, both stories were afterwards rendered into Disney movies, which are The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad and The Reluctant Dragon.
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