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Fairy Tales – H.C. Anderson


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For decades children and adults all over the world have been mesmerized and inspired by the Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen.

During Andersen's lifetime he was feted by royalty and acclaimed for having brought joy to children across Europe. His fairy tales have been translated into over 150 languages and continue to be published in millions of copies all over the world and inspired many other works.

Lovingly recreated as an mp3 audio this CD contains 18 Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen

Track Listing:

The Emperors New Clothes 00:13:31
The Swineherd 00:11:26
The Real Princess 00:03:18
The Shoes of Fortune 01:06:44
The Fir Tree 00:25:38
The Snow Queen 01:13:38
The Leap Frog 00:05:05
The Elderbush 00:16:11
The Bell 00:11:47
The Old House 00:19:31
The Happy Family 00:08:27
The Story of a Mother 00:13:25
The False Collar 00:08:07
The Shadow 00:32:25
The Little Match Girl 00:06:58
The Dream of Little Tuk 00:12:45
The Naughty Boy 00:06:27
The Red Shoes 00:15:40

MP3 Audio CD or MP3 Player or computer with sounds Required

Ideal for children, teachers, students, the whole family and even the young at heart.

Version: Unabridged
Language: English
Reader: Various
Format: MP3 Audio CD
Tracks / Chapters: 18 Tracks
Total running time: 05:47:15

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