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California Coast Trails


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10 years past the California’s coast Highway 1 was constructed, a British man journeyed 2000 miles on horseback the distance of California, from Mexico to Oregon. Along the way, he is affably welcomed at desolated farmsteads, has several peaceful exciting activities, and is mostly flabbergasted by the exquisiteness of our seaboard. A vintage early California travelogue. Joseph was born in Islington, London and but resided his entire life in the desert of California.

These are Joseph’s important historical sights, first traveling south and afterwards going north:Chap. 1 El Monte to Laguna Beach. Chap. 2 Aliso Canyon to San Juan Capistrano. Chap. 3 San Juan hot springs (east of Mission Viejo) to Oceanside. Chap 4. Del Mar to San Diego. Chap. 5 San Fernando Valley to Malibu. Chap. 6 Boney Mountain (in the Santa Monica Mtns.) to Ventura. Chap. 7 Carpenteria to Santa Barbara. Chap 8. Refugio Pass (south of Solvang) to Lompoc. Chap. 9 Solvang to Las Cruces (south of Solvang). Chap. 10 Point Conception back to Lompoc. Chap. 11 Casmalia to Avila (on SLO Bay). Chap. 12 San Luis Obispo to Morro Bay. Chap. 13 to Jolon and Mission San Antonio de Padua (SE of Ft. Hunter Liggett). Chap. 14 to Pacific Valley (south of Limekiln State Park). Chap. 15 Limekiln, Lucia, to about Lopez Point. Chap. 16 Big Sur, Point Sur Lighthouse to Monterey. Chap. 17 Seaside through the Santa Cruz Mtns. to Pescadero (San Mateo Co.). Chap. 18 Half Moon Bay, San Francisco, to Drakes Bay. Chap. 19 Tomales Bay to Gualala. Chap. 20 Navarro to Westport. Chap. 21 King Range and the Mattole Valley to Eureka. Chap. 22 Arcata to the Klamath.

J. Smeaton Chase was a British-born American writer, traveler and photographer. Joseph Smeaton Chase became an indispensable figure of California literature, exalted for his sentimental details of California sceneries. An British man who journeyed the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto mountains in 1915 with his donkey, Mesquit.
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