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M. L. Nesbitt

Grammar-Land was founded by its author, M. L. Nesbitt, in hopes of spreading the message about proper use of grammar and spelling across the globe.

  • Preface and Introduction
  • Mr. Noun
  • Little Article
  • Mr. Pronoun
  • Serjeant Parsing’s Visit to Schoolroom-shire
  • Mr. Adjective
  • Mr. Adjective Tried for Stealing
  • The Quarrel Between Mr. Pronoun and Mr. Adjective, and Little Interjection
  • Dr. Verb
  • Dr. Verb’s Three Tenses, Number, and Persons
  • Serjeant Parsing in Schoolroom-Shire Again
  • The Nominative Case
  • Adverb
  • Preposition
  • Prepositions Govern the Objective Case
  • Conjunction
  • Active Verbs Govern the Objective Case
  • The Possessive Case; and Who’s to Have the Prize?

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