The Loudwater Mystery

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When Lord Loudwater is found dead in his manor, no one truly regrets his passing. However, despite being disliked by his friends, extended family, even his suffering wife, Loudwater’s death was a mystery that had to be solved. As with many novels published after WWI, The Loudwater Mystery is a short and exciting book that outlines a murder mystery modern readers can relate to, while keeping up with the witty English style that was prevalent throughout the first half of the 20th century.

The characters created by Edgar Allen Jepsen are probably the most significant and interesting aspect of this delightfully thought-provoking little tale. We have the Lord of the Manor himself, together with his likable wife, the injured serviceman, the parlor maid and the valet – who apparently were an item – and the detective, who attempts to protect Lord Loudwater’s wife from scandal.

Although quite stereotypical, as they will appear as soon as you begin to read the book, the characters fit their roles well without being unlikable or unbelievable. Quite human, natural and psychologically diverse, they come to life to put together a story that relies on several threads followed with careful detail and attention by Jepsen, as he slowly unfolds the puzzle for us.

The book is definitely a mystery that isn’t all that easy to solve from the start. Although some readers may be able to discover who the culprit was before it is revealed, it can take quite some time, and you’ll find your way well beyond the first half of the book, while still wondering who might have done it.

A novel that playfully explores the various elements of British higher society, while providing adequate entertainment through a sound and intriguing mystery plot, The Loudwater Mystery may be more than it first might seem, effortlessly drawing the reader’s attention to the very end.

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