Star Hunter

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A captivating science-fiction story, Star Hunter takes the reader on an inter-planetary journey. A former pilot who is not a star hunter wants to take revenge on a rich family for having him crippled. He has the chance to do so when he stumbles upon pieces of equipment from a space ship that had disappeared 6 years before, together with the only heir of the family.

Res Hume is on Jumala when he finds the remains of Largo Drift. In order to be able to take advantage of the discovery, he needs Wass, an evil mastermind. Together, they plan to find someone that could impersonate Rynch Brodie, the lost heir. Hume picks an orphan from the dirtiest bar in Nahuatl’s. Wass conditions him to believe that he is the long lost heir. They drop the boy in Jumala, the plan being for Hume to find him in the next safari trip there.

The plan seems excellent, but things start to go wrong when the boy begins to remember bits of his own past life. Then the situation becomes dangerous, when they find life on Jumala, which was believed to be uninhabited. Hume and the boy find themselves hunted by the aliens and start developing a bond in their joined attempt to escape from the traps set up to catch them.

Andre Norton, by her real name Alice Mary Norton, is a prolific sci-fi writer. She is the first woman to be presented with the Gandalf Grand Master Award, in 1977, and to win the Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award, in 1983. Norton wrote over 300 stories and had a great influence upon the genre. She was often referred to as the Grande Dame of Science Fiction and Fantasy. She died in 2005, at the impressive age of 93.

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