Public Domain Poems of Wallace Stevens

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Wallace Stevens was one of the important American poets of his time, and as it usually happens, his peers were completely ignorant of his skills and published work. The poems he wrote during the earlier years of his life are incorporated in Volume 1 of his collected Public Domain Poems, and are today seen as true classics of American poetry.

Stevens is a poet of ideas, who unlike those interested in a realistic approach to poetic expression, seeks to use his imagination and ability to alter the reality defined through his poetry, molding it into new, unique and exciting avenues of thought that no other poet before him had ever ventured into.

Works such as The Emperor of Ice Cream, Sunday Morning and Anecdote of the Jar are among his most notable poems included in this volume, among many other that he managed to pen prior to 1923.

Although his successful career continued for another three decades after that, his first poems still remain among the ones held in the highest regard by critics, while his discovery of his talent at a more advanced age did not seem to hinder his ability to produce great poetry and impress his peers in the process.

Many people are still not aware of the remarkable talent for poetry that Wallace Stevens expressed through all of his poems. His collected works have even won him a Pulitzer Prize, while bringing him recognition and fame well after his death in 1955.

The rare discovery of his poetic skills at an older age did not influence or hinder his resolution, nor did it cut short his literary career in any way. While working quietly on his poetry, Stevens gradually attained the level of refinement and deeper ability of expressing his imaginative concepts and powerful ideals through inventive, philosophical verses that still resound through the hearts of his fans and readers even half a century after his passing.

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